About Me

About Me

I, like so many of us, have often wondered why there isn’t an instruction guide for being a fully functioning adult. So, why not write it myself?

Join me for practical advice, demystification of ‘tough’ topics, and a good healthy wedge of wellbeing guidance.

About the Author

My name is Megan (or mgnRaisin online), I am a digital marketer from the West Midlands, specialising in copywriting and content production. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading independent magazines and finding cute things to collect.

  • Instagram: @mgnRaisin
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  • TikTok: @mgnRaisin
  • Email: megan.r.carthy[@]gmail.com

To inquire about collaborations or freelance writing opportunities, please contact me with the above details.


Images on Life in the Slow Lane are either sourced from Unsplash, taken by myself or credited others. Attributions can be found on each page.

Banner image by Marco De Hevia on Unsplash

Let's Work Together!

I’m open for collaborating on both blog posts and in social media campaigns. Contact me to find out more.

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